Englisch B1+ – Bird-Watching in English: Karower Teiche

27. Mai 2023 um 10:00 – 13:00
Start: S-Bhf. Karow
13125 Berlin-Karow
15,40 EUR | ermäßigt 9,20 EUR

VHS Pankow

Englisch B1+ – Bird-Watching in English: Karower Teiche

Enjoy gentle guided walks to Berlin’s secret places and stimulating English conversation about birds appearance, habitat and habits. The Karower Teiche nature reserve consists of four ponds surrounded by a mixture of meadowland, woodland and reed-beds. The area forms the southern end of the Barnim Nature Park, a protected area of singular importance for many species of birds, amphibians and insects. Due to the varied habitat, in addition to many species of water birds, woodland birds and birds of prey can be easily observed. More than 60 species are known to breed here. A place to take your time and relax. If the weather is fine, bring a picnic.

The distance will be 4 kilometres.

(030) 90 295-1700
Kurs-Nr.: Pa4094F
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